ISLAMABAD - Discussing the Supreme Court's investigation into his assets, PTI chief Imran Khan claimed that he has done nothing illegal and any money he brought into the country was brought through legal means.

The claims were made in a series of tweets in which Khan first said that no matter who investigates him, there will only be one conclusion.

"Whether the Supreme Court investigates [my case] or forms a Joint Investigation Team ..., here is my challenge: whatever they want to do, they will come to only one conclusion".

He explained that he bought his London property with the money he made through playing cricket.

"I bought [the] London flat from taxed legit cricket earnings in 1983; sold it in 2003 & brought funds back through legal banking channels".

According to his tweets, Imran paid for the Bani Gala property through the money he had made out of selling the London flat in 2003.

"Paid for purchase of Bani Gala property from these earned funds remitted back to Pakistan," he said in another tweet.

He also made the claim that he was never served a tax notice in all the years that he was eligible to pay taxes in London.

"Was taxpayer in the UK for 20 yrs; I am a taxpayer in Pakistan since 1981. Never have I done anything illegal; nor have I ever been served a tax notice".

Contrasting his own situation with the Sharifs, Imran claimed that he can predict that the joint investigation team probing PM Nawaz Sharif's business dealings abroad will find him guilty of tax evasion.

"In contrast, I predict JIT will find Nawaz Sharif, while he held the prime minister's office guilty of tax evasion, money laundering & perjury (Qatari letter)", he said in yet another tweet.

He concluded by saying:"Those who think I am playing with fire & might get disqualified, it will be a small price to pay to rid Pakistan of corruption mafias' Godfather.”

 Earlier in his letter submitted to the ECP in a contempt case, he said he was never held in contempt of court in the past.

A four-member ECP commission under Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza took up the case. PTI spokesman Fawad Chaudhary submitted the reply quoting Imran as saying that his previous statement was twisted to appear that he did not respect the election commission, which was why he had withdrawn it.

The PTI chief said he believed that a free and fair election commission is necessary for a just election.

"I had filed an application on January 9 through a lawyer with suggestions to bring transparency to the commission. The lawyer misrepresented my statement which was why I had to withdraw it."

Commenting on the letter, the Chief Election Commissioner remarked: "The reply is so confusing that I do not remember what the original question was".

Subimits reply to Supreme Court

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Monday, while submitting a reply in the Supreme Court regarding the money trail leading to purchase of Bani Gala property, said that the amount remitted from abroad were not public money but was sent by his ex-wife which was returned after selling the London flat.

His supplementary concise statement said “there can be no believable assertion of ‘laundering money’. Admittedly, no amount is even alleged to have been sent out of Pakistan, which was then sent back to Pakistan in order to ‘whiten any black money”.

According to the statement, by 23-01-2003 the total amount remitted by Jemima Khan amounted 690,993 US dollar, which included 20,000 UK pounds. The total remitted amount by Jemima Khan was Rs40,848,463. The payment amounting Rs36,200,000 were made the seller of Bani Gala land through cheques except two in cash.

“Imran Khan paid Rs3,000,000 on 14-03-2002 from his account in Citi Bank and Rs350,000 from Bank Al-Falah,” the statement said.

The PTI chairman said that “all the mutations were completed/incorporated/approved on 27-02-2003 which are reflected in the documents of the revenue department”.

PML-N leader Hanif Abbasi also filed an application submitting that the purchase of the flat in London was allegedly returned to Jemima Khan and that it was paid back to her from the account of Niazi Services Corporation through a cheque amounting to GBP 562,415.54.

He said that Imran Khan has claimed that the balance funds from the sale of the flat in 2003 after repaying the alleged loan of Jemima Khan were brought to Pakistan. “The specific means of bringing a large amount of funds to Pakistan have not been fully disclosed,” Hanif Abbasi said demanding that Imran Khan may be required to produce his 2003 income tax returns to confirm the declaration of such funds having been brought to Pakistan and duly declared by him.