KASUR - Reeling under shocks from prolonged outages, people thronged canals, tube wells and swimming pools to beat the scorching heat during Ramazan.

According to the report of a survey conducted by this correspondent, a large number of people are being witnessed bathing in canals, tube wells and swimming pools in the district. As far as swimming in pools is concerned, it cannot be objected as the pools are established specifically for bathing. But bathing in canals must be prevented at all costs as in this case, people are vulnerable to the fast moving waves of water and, quite often, cannot resist the water and drown. People, on the other hand, said they are compelled to go to the canals as Lesco has been conducting excessive loadshedding in the extreme heat. “The public has virtually been left with no choice but to visit canals and bath there to escape the scorching weather,” visitors at the canals pointed out. They were of the view if the government cannot ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity in the prevailing extremely hot weather why people are being restrained from visiting canals.