KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi President Firdous Shamim Naqvi on Monday announced the name of Chaudhary Owais as party’s candidate in by-elections for provincial assembly constituency PS-114 Karachi. Naqvi was addressing a press conference here at Insaf House.

Khurram Sher Zaman, Humayun Mandokhail, Sardar Abdul Aziz, Malik Shahzad Awan, Dawa Khan Sabir and PTI candidate for PS-114 Chaudhary Owais were also present on the occasion.

The PTI leader said that after the announcement of by-election, the provincial government of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had started violating the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) code of conduct by making frequent transfers and postings.

He called upon the ECP to take notice of these violations and play a role to ensure free and transparent polls in Karachi’s constituency.

The PTI leader said it was regrettable that the ECP had failed to play its due role due to which most of election results were challenged in the Election Tribunal. He was of the view that this was the main reason why people were losing faith in democracy.

Briefing the media about PTI’s criterion for the selection of candidates, Naqvi said that the party believed in bringing people from middle class to parliament “Chaudhary Owais, who has served as PTI Vice President in District East, has been given the ticket to contest elections,” he added.

“PTI will be pitted against the candidate of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, which has failed to provide relief to the masses and has remained busy in minting money by hook or crook,” PTI leader said, and added, “The provincial government did not bother to address the issues of people, and on July 9, people of the constituency will reject PPP’s candidate and will vote in favour of Imran Khan`s candidate.”

Zubair links fair distribution

of resources to transparent census

Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair presided over a census meeting at Governor’s House on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, the governor said that a transparent census could help provide better facilities to the public and ensure equal distribution of resources. He said that after 1998 Pakistan had taken census in 2017. He said that Pakistan Army's services in the census were laudable.

Abdul Aleem Memon, the provincial census commissioner, said that the census data had been sent to Islamabad's relevant ministry. He said the census was completed in two phases in Sindh province – the first phase started from March 15 and continued till April 15 and the second phase started from April 25 and continued till May 25. Every phase was completed in 30 days and 38,999 blocks were established in the province for census. Each block consisted of 200 to 250 houses.


The census staff and officers were taken from education, revenue and other departments and their training was completed by January 29, 2017.

He said that 1,462 complaints were received during the census and they were addressed. He said that May 30 was the last day for lodging complaints about the census.