It isn’t a big deal nor is it a major issue that women get attacked by acid in this country. There are much more important issues that deserve Oscar awards, and it’s sad that it was wasted on issues like these attacks and the honor killing of women. Why didn’t Sharmeen Chinoy make a documentary on the victims of drone attacks? After all, that’s what the public of Pakistan wants to see, not the suffering of women. And so what if she spread awareness about these issues? She still didn’t pay the main girl that starred in saving face so these international award-winning documentaries should be denounced, right?

Even if you read this paragraph about a hundred times it would not sound humane but unfortunately the people of our nation are making these comments. I am sick and tired of hearing these ignorant remarks about the documentaries of Sharmeen Chinoy. Ms Chinoy is one of the first of 11women to win an Oscar and her country is worried about the topic of these movies because they aren’t according to them or their perspective.

The documentaries made by Ms Chinoy depict a very specific negative aspect of Pakistan’s society and these subjects of the movies face a lot of criticism. The two Oscar winning documentaries Saving Face, about acid attacks on women, and A Girl In The River, about the honor killing of women, were both met with disapproval. "All documentaries she [Sharmeen] makes highlight the negative facets of Pakistan... Bad people and bad traditions are prevalent everywhere in the world. She isn't making any difference except portraying a poor image of Pakistan."

But is it really true that she isn’t making a difference when she spread worldwide awareness about these topics?Of course not.The murderers easily got away with honor killings (and still do) but now, because of this movie, a law is being made to tackle this issue.  Spreading awareness worldwide not only encourages people outside of Pakistan to help but also puts pressure on the government of this country to help change the issue at hand. So you tell me, is Sharmeen Chinoy just portraying a poor image of Pakistan or is she actually making a difference in the lives of our women that get treated like inhumane objects?

Making Pakistan look good isn’t the job of a documentary filmmaker’s. Their job is showing the real side of a society even if it is a bit raw and indecent. No one is stupid enough to believe that Pakistan is just about those two documentaries. So why are we so sensitive about these issues? They’re 100% true and happen every day. Even a poor school can put on its best face when the higher authorities come to visit but wouldn’t it be better if it showed it’s true colors to get the help and funds it needs? Instead of being proud of the award-winning films we bring down the person that achieved that level of success. We throw acid on women or kill them because they brought dishonor and we blame Ms Chinoy for defaming us.

As a nation we are being childish when we say that our country’s issues should not be broadcasted internationally. This shows that we want the world’s approval and we care about what they think about us. So we would rather please western countries than educate masses about Pakistan’s very real concerns. When Ms Chinoy was questioned about what side of Pakistan she was showing she replied by asking the questioner what side of Pakistan he was showing. And in return I would like to ask you: what side of Pakistan are you showing?