Islamabad -  The complainant in the much-hyped ‘Top City’ housing scheme controversy, Zahida Javed Aslam, a UK citizen of Pakistani origin has had been wanted to the Islamabad police since 2008 in a fraud case also connected to the property of the then owner of the housing project, it has been learnt.

She was booked on the complaint of Muhammad Azhar Saleem, brother-in-law of Iftikhar Ali Waqar, the then owner of the project who had reportedly committed suicide few months before the crime. Zahida is sister of Iftikhar Ali Waqar. She allegedly fraudulently got transferred four expensive vehicles of her brother in her name and others after his death over which the brother of Iftikhar’s wife approached the police for justice. Margalla police had registered the case under sections 420, 468, 471 of the PPC but could not arrest the accused. Zahida remained at large for so many years but has now decided to face the case. She has applied for bail before arrest in a local court. The housing project, later, also went in the ownership of Zahida which ultimately was purchased by Kunwar Moeez, a Karachi-based businessman.

On the complaint of Zahida, Pakistan Rangers and other law-enforcing agencies’ personnel had weeks before, picked the present ‘Top City’ owner, Moeez, his other family members and employees at the housing project. She had alleged that Moeez had gotten transferred all the property (Top City) from her in his name at gunpoint. Moeez was also linked with MQM-London to justify action against him in which the possession of the property also went in the hands of some other property dealers of the twin cities.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested six outlaws including three bike-lifters and recovered three stolen bikes, hashish and arms as well as ammunition form their possession, a police spokesman said on Monday. The nabbed bike-lifters have been identified as Tufail, Zulfiqar Ahmed, residents of Kohata district Rawalpindi and Abrar Hussain, a resident of district Mardan. They were wanted in FIR numbers as 179/17 registered under section 381/411 PPC at police station Sihala and FIR number 214/17 registered under section 381/411 PPC at police station Koral.

Furthermore, Bhara Kahu police have arrested Wali Khan and recovered 210 gram hashish from him. Tarnol police have arrested Farooq and recovered pistol one 30-bore pistol along with ammunition from him. CIA police have arrested Saqib and recovered one 30-bore pistol along with ammunition from him. Meanwhile, CIA police has arrested two dacoits involved in snatching valuables from people at gunpoint. They have been identified as Khalid alias Don and Sheikh Mehmood alias Sheikh Nadeem. Further investigation is underway.