I would like to draw the attention of the authority concerned towards a serious matter. Pakistan is currently going through one of the most threatening problems and issues which is loadshedding of electricity for both domestic and commercial use. 

People all over Pakistan who are being deprived of electricity in this saddened summer are extremely frustrated because it has affected their routine work and the bussiness which are being processed in the country. 

Karachi, the Metropolitan city of Pakistan according to media reports: Electricity has been going out three to four times a day. With the start of summer in Karachi, darkness come with it in the form of extreme loadshedding. Rise in temperature has intensified unschedule loadshedding, power remain shut down for hours in several localities of the city. Due to destructive loadshedding and unannounced outage in several areas of Karachi has landed people in to an unending misery. 

Students are facing problems in studying because of lack of electricity in educational institudes, leading the students to study in this hot weather without the comfort of electricity. 

The locals of Karachi has expressed anger over the unannounced shortfall of electricty, not only K.Electric is making them live without electricity but charge them high as compared to normal bills, which is just too much. The protest of loadshedding is being made all over the country. 

The government promise to eliminate the longstanding problem of the country has come to an dark end. The continuous rise and fall of electricity has made the life of a Pakistani very problematic. 

The authorities concerned should really pay heed to this problem and try to tame it at best because electricity is the basic necessity of a country and its shortfall has dented the national economy. And in this hot summer people are in dire need of relief from this problem. 


Karachi, May 5.