It seems that worries are not leaving Rao Anwar. Muhammad Khan, the father of the slain Naqeeb Mehsud, is determined to tighten the noose of justice system around the neck of Rao Anwar. He is keen on probing the luxurious lifestyle of Rao who is accused of holding a fake encounter resulting in the killing of Khan’s son. The move suggests that Muhammad Khan does not want to leave any aspect of the case uncovered. Whether a probe into Rao’s means of income will affect the proceedings of the already pending case in any way or not? One cannot say anything with absolute surety in a country like Pakistan where every law and procedure is tweaked to protect prisoners and defendants with influence.

The complainant maintains that given his pecuniary resources are not in proportion to Rao’s known sources of income, he must have made his fortunes through means that are not legally accepted. Lifestyle not proportionate with one’s income constitutes an offence under section 9(v) of NAB Ordinance 1999. The anti-graft body should act swiftly if the allegations of Mr Khan hold any weight. It is about time for the anti-graft body to look into the matter. The suspended official is at his weakest position these days. It is a perfect opportunity for the anti-graft body to find out the sources of income that allow Rao Anwar a lavish lifestyle.

Despite the fact that the case in hands has gained so much coverage, it is ironic that the matter is subjected to delaying tactics by the accused as well as the officials. Only recently, investigation officer (IO) failed to appear before the court. The absence of IO shows the seriousness of the officials in settling the case in hands. Mr Khan along with social activist, Jibran Nasir, criticised the slow pace and performance of prosecution in Naqeeb’s case.

Whereas Jibran Nasir called such moves as shameful delaying tactics, these moves speak volumes about the inefficacy of Pakistan’s criminal justice system. People have already lost faith in the criminal justice system of the country. Therefore, we see frequent cases reported on the daily basis of people taking the law into their own hands. With the preferential treatment given to Rao Anwar, the credibility of the court, the justice system and the state is in question. The Sindh government needs to control the damage that it has already caused to the institutions and systems mentioned before by protecting its blue-eyed encounter specialist.