LAHORE : An alleged robber was shot dead while a policeman wounded during an armed encounter in Lahore’s Chuhng area, police said on Wednesday. The injured constable was identified by police as Adeel Ashraf. His was rushed to hospital with serious bullet wounds. A police spokesman claimed the bandits were robbing motorists at gunpoint when a police patrol responded to the road robbery near Jubilee Town late Tuesday.  The robbers who were riding on a motorcycle opened fire on the police party and tried to flee. The police also retaliated. As a result, one of the bandits was shot while the other managed to escape during the gunfire. One of the policemen also received bullet injuries. The constable and the alleged robber were shifted to hospital where the alleged bandit expired later.  According to police, the deceased gunman was identified as Waqas, a resident of district Kasur. The police shifted the body to the morgue and were investigating the incident.