Day by day, the rate of inflation is increasing. Due to price hike and inflation, the lives of lower-class families are at risk. We have seen the price hike of medicines, gas and the rates of petrol and diesel. The government thinks that it is providing relief to the public but it doesn’t know what abominable lives the public is living. There is no Minister in the National Assembly to debate on such issues since the government ministers themselves are privileged and don’t have to worry about whether they are getting petrol and diesel. They are getting all the facilities they require because of the taxes of poor people.

According to author Naseem Shahid, in the Holy month, the capitalists are busy sharpening their knives for poor people. Every market the sale rate of goods has increased at a rate of 40%. This is the condition of an Islamic republic country.

We remember when Prime Minister Imran Khan was new and had just taken the premier seat, he promised that he will work for the progress of the country but he has failed in providing relief to the public.

So it is my humble request to the PM of Pakistan that your dreams of progress and prosperity cannot come true if you don’t work on your promises.


Turbat, May 11.