LAHORE    -  The Punjab government has included dementia in its list of priority disease areas and a Provincial Dementia Plan is currently being developed to achieve tangible actions required to improve the lives of people with dementia, their families and care-partners in the country. Appreciating the government’s decision,

Alzheimer’s Pakistan Secretary General Dr Hussain Jafri said the decision had come at a time when the world governments are failing to address the dementia crisis according to a new report launched by the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI). In a press release issued by Alzheimer’s Pakistan on the two-year anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Global Action Plan on the public health response to dementia (2017-2025), Dr Jafri said the primary target to have 146 of the 194 member states develop a national response plan to dementia, is falling further behind. Globally, he said, only 31 national plans existed, including just 26 WHO member states, while up to 34 were in development.


In the last two years, he said, only two countries (Chile and Qatar) had created plans, meaning thereby that the 2025 target will not be reached.