LAHORE   : Terming the secret agreement between the government and the IMF suicidal, the Jamaat-i-Islami has demanded that it be made public without delay.

JI’s acting amir Liaquat Baloch said in a statement on Wednesday that despite tall claims of the improvement of the economy, the PTI government was securing loans on higher rates of interest. The national economy had collapsed due to the record fall in the rupees value, he said, adding that the next budget of the country would be made by the IMF because Imran Khan’s economic team had no say in the decision making now. As such, he insisted, the country was at the mercy of the IMF and the situation was bound to go worse in the coming days. Mr Baloch said that the torture of the unarmed political workers in Islamabad would be a bad omen for democracy. He said that it was only due to the incompetence of Prime Minister Imran Khan that the opposition had taken to protest. He said masses were facing a tsunami of price hike and unemployment during the Ramazan. The national economy was giving a look of total destruction because of the IMF agreement. He said that even the media houses had suffered due to the poor economy and there was large scale unemployment. The JI acting head condemned the attack at the army check post. He said the Pak armed forces had offered huge sacrifices for national defence which were appreciable.


He said the responsibility of the present situation rested with Imran Khan. He asked why the constitutional amendment bill was put forth at a time when the provincial assembly elections had begun in the tribal areas.

He said that the tribal peoples protest in this regard was justified. He stressed upon the government to solve the economic and social problems in these areas under the law because the region had gone through great turmoil and if the situation was not controlled, the enemy could benefit from it.

He said that the US had failed in Afghanistan while Israel and India had evil designs against the people of Kashmir and Palestine. He said a new war was being thrust in the Gulf and it could be disastrous for the whole world.

He said that the Muslim leaders’ conference in Saudi Arabia would pave way for the Muslim unity and help remove differences between the Muslim states.

Liaqat Baloch said that South Punjab province was a demand of the people and was realistic. He said that Prime Minister Imran khan and his allies were creating hurdles in this way although it was the responsibility of the government to set up new administrative units.