KASUR - Petrol pumps have started looting people with both hands by dispensing fuel lesser than the amount than is displayed on fuel dispensers during refill.

Despite increase in the number of complaints, silence of administration over the issue has raised many questions. Citizens have demanded that higher authorities take strict action against the staff of petrol pumps.

Talking to The Nation, motorists including Javed, Tariq Ali, Asif, Jawwad, Sohail, Usman Haider, Faisal and Waqar said that PSO petrol pumps situated on Main Road and Chowk Noor Mehal Cinema had become headache for them. They said that the previous staff of these petrol pumps was corrupt, but the corruption of new staff was unprecedented. They said that arguments between petrol pumps’ staff and citizens had become a routine matter, but the district administration was silent. Social and political circles have demanded that PSO high-ups take notice of the situation.