ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Director General Muhammad Riaz on Wednesday said that possible heavy flooding in the coming Monsoon season will occur if mega weather pattern enters into our system.

The weather patterns likely to reach major rivers water shed areas across the border causing heavy rainfalls which in turn increase the probability of heavy flooding in the country.

Talking to APP, PMD-DG said that the weather pattern was known as monsoon depression, a huge weather pattern, arising from the Bay of Bengal and passing by Indian Territory of Rajasthan used to reside over the trans-boundary rivers Sutlej, Ravi, Beas and some areas of Jhelum rivers in Pakistan.

The monsoon depression, he said that accompanied by a westerly wave used to cause heavy precipitation in the watershed areas which resulted in generating heavy flood causing rains.

To a question, he said that “The pattern if moved to plain areas might cause urban flooding as during the last year 3 to 5 monsoon seasons depressions have been formed and penetrated into our system but they do not create heavy floods. Flood causing rains have special weather pattern and trends that team up resulting mass inundation and deluges in the region.” He urged the masses to avoid sharing hearsay and invalid information pertaining to floods as it was a variable information that tends to change with developing weather scenarios.

However, at present the likelihood of heavy flooding was conditional to the prevalence of huge weather patterns which partially mitigates the risk of heavy flooding in the monsoon. He hoped that the prevailing scenarios were propitious and mustering anticipation for safe weather outcomes.