ISLAMABAD            -           The Federal Ombudsman office registered 5428 new cases during the month of Ramadan, suggesting that public grievances were increasing against public departments.

In the meanwhile, Federal Ombudsman Syed Tahir Shahbaz has directed the Investigation Officers to decide every case within the time limit of 60 days. 

He was addressing the Investigating Officers in a meeting at the head office here.  The meeting was attended by all investigating officers, Secretary Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat (WMS) Dr. Jamal Nasir and other senior officers. 

According to the officials, the Ombudsman was informed that more than 7000 cases were disposed of and 5248 cases were registered during the month of Ramazan.

He was also informed that during the period of lockdown, 34500 cases were registered and 32000 cases have been disposed off. He has asked all the Investigation Officers to facilitate the complainants in all respects by observing complete safety measures against corona epidemic.

He was informed that due to closure of Universities and lack of interest by the gas and electricity distribution companies during corona pandemic, proper replies were not being submitted due to which some cases were affected in terms of time limit.  

The Federal Ombudsman took a serious note of delay in submission of replies and asked the Secretary WMS to call in person their heads of departments immediately over delay in submission of departmental reports. He said that presence of complainant during hearing proceedings is not essential and their point of view may be taken through telephone or by whatsapp, however, if any complaint insists to join the hearing proceeding, safety measures must be ensured in all respects.