KARACHI           -       Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here on Friday said in his video statement that the Sindh Chief Minister considered himself an expert in corona in all over the world but wrong decisions had always been made in Sindh and people were disturbed by spreading fear of virus. He said,

“The Education Minister, who is himself a student, was giving a big speech on the Minister of Aviation but he should see their own schools in Sindh especially in Dadu’s schools, where buffalo herds were seen studying, Sindh’s education is being destroyed but he doesn’t care about Sindh’s education. They are only sent for point-scoring.”

Sheikh said all the work was done by the federation in the PIA plane crash.

Compensation of Rs 1 million had been released while Rs 5 million more of insurance would be given to the plane crash victims. He further said after the plane crash, only one task was handed over to the Sindh Government to identify the martyrs but they did not complete it as the families had been waiting for the bodies of their loved ones for many days.

Adil said: “The Sindh government has not yet completed the identification process. I ask the Chief Minister to speed up the work. The family members are worried.

The families members of victims are being sent somewhere like a football.”

He further said that the cold storages also belonged to social organizations, Sindh government itself did not have cold storage.

He said to date, the Sindh government had not set up any relief department, however, in the last 12 years budget of billions was consumed, and people of Sindh all know how the PPP had committed corruption in Sindh which had also come to an end in Sindh now.