MIANWALI               -           Deputy Commissioner Omar Sher Chattah has said that for achieving 100% wheat procurement target all departments will have to work with complete coordination.

Deputy Commissioner has expressed the views in a meeting while chairing a meeting here at DC Office attended by ADRC Arjumand Zia, Mills Owners, commission agents and traders. He directed the officers of Revenue and Food department for gearing up coordination with the mills owner, commissioner agents and the traders for getting the wheat procurement target in the district.

On this occasion, addressing the meeting ADRC Arjumand Zia has said the Mills owners, commission agents and assistant commissioners for making possible the gunny bags including wheat at the procurement centers at any cost and to take strict action indiscriminately.

Assistant Commissioners and DFC have told the meeting that we will ensure the return of gunny bags including wheat at procurement centers by giving incentives to the farmers and there is no need to take legal action.