There was a time when PIA was famous for its exquisite service and hospitality world over and our pilots were famous for smooth landing that passengers could not realise whether the plane had landed or not. Moreover, our pilots used to go aboard to impart technical training due to their expertise especially in landing and taking-off.

It is quite famous that on one occasion, the First Lady of the USA , Jacqueline Kennedy arrived in London via PIA and on arrival, she thanked the pilot and when someone asked her how was the flight she replied, “great people to fly with”. Since then, it became PIA’s logo. Nevertheless, it was really an honour for the PIA and our country that the first lady of the USA opted to travel on our national airline which is itself an acknowledgement that the service of PIA was awesome.

But as time has passed, the service of PIA has gone down drastically as the aircrafts’ condition became very bad and fragile.

Anyhow our pilots are great who operates the plane even when the technical fault is highlighted but endanger their lives along with lives of many people which makes the new logo of PIA as “great people to die with”. May all the departed souls rest in peace and courage to bereaved families to bear this irreparable loss.