QUETTA              -          Balochistan Health Secretary Dostain Khan Jamaldeni chaired a meeting of medical experts and administrative officers of the health department to review the decision related to opening of outpatient departments (OPDs) in hospitals.

The meeting was attended by Director General Health Balochistan Dr. Saleem Abro, medical superintendent (MS) Civil Hospital Quetta Dr. Fazlur Rehman Bugti Prof, Baqi Durrani, Prof, Ghulam Rasool, Prof, Jalal Khan Achakzai, Prof, Shoaib Qureshi, Prof, Nadeem Samada, DMS Civil Hospital Quetta Dr. Javed Akhtar, DMSBMC Dr. Rashid, Dr. Rahim, spokesperson of Jamali Young Doctors Association Balochistan, other medical professors and doctors.

 The meeting reviewed the overall situation of coronavirus, medical facilities, available medical resources and structures in the light of possible outbreaks of the epidemic, medical experts informed the meeting that the coronavirus was being spread in the province which was becoming alarming situation due to relaxing of lockdown.

In such an alarming situation, the routine opening of OPDs can severely affect the available medical infrastructure, doctors and medical staff which will eliminate the manpower assigned to the treatment, they added, saying If patients with surgery or other ailments are kept inwards, the availability of emptied beds for corona emergency will no longer be possible and this situation will certainly be a source of concern.

At the meeting, the doctors and medical experts suggested to start limited “smart OPDs” in the emergency services of the casual department of the hospitals in view of the public difficulties and it was agreed in this regard that the duty officers in the casual department Postgraduate students and on-call of professors from each department will be assigned to prescribe treatment on first aid and symptomatic diagnosis, taking into account the spread of the coronavirus in the first two to three weeks of June and the OPDs. The medical experts and doctors recommended the government to impose a complete lockdown and curfew to control the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the meeting.

 Addressing the meeting, Balochistan Health Secretary Dostain Khan Jamaldeni appreciated the sincere services of medical experts, doctors, and paramedics in the emergency situation of coronavirus and said that the people of Balochistan including the country and the whole world are suffering a serious situation amid of the deadly virus.

 We have to keep our spirits high and continue the process of providing regular medical aid to the people along with the coronavirus he said, saying that extraordinary administrative decisions are to be made. He said he is glad that doctors, medical specialists, and paramedics are wholeheartedly engaged in the performance of their professional duties. Addressing the meeting, Director General Health Balochistan Dr. Muhammad Saleem Abro said that doctors and paramedics of Balochistan have been fighting this global epidemic of coronavirus with courage from starting day till now our intentions and enthusiasm is high as the Pakistan Army tries to protect the frontiers and fight the enemy, just as doctors and medical staff are fighting the unseen enemy on the front line like the coronavirus.

 Doctors and paramedics are national heroes who have been offered slots by the entire nation, Dr, Saleem said adding we are committed to defeating the coronavirus and leading the people towards a healthy and responsible social life.