Islamabad         -    Minister for Food Security Fakhar Imam has warned of more locust attacks as a second wave from Africa - which might be even greater in terms of numbers - is expected to hit Pakistan soon.

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, he said that the second wave, which

has attacked most regions of Africa, is also likely to hit Pakistan in June and July. 

Minister for Food Security Syed Fakhram spoke at the National Locust Control Center, chairing their second meeting on the emerging crisis. 

The current locust swarms, which have already destroyed farmlands, came from Iran and their numbers are concentrated in Balochistan, Thal and South Punjab, he said. 

He added that the situation is being assessed on a daily basis.

Fakhar Imam said that the authorities want to mobilise the people at the national level against the locust swarm attack as the threat remains real.

Talking about resources available to tackle the swarm attack, the Minister said that 6 planes have been ordered by the government, which are expected to be delivered in the coming months.

Apart from this, Fakhar stated that currently they have 5 helicopters and 17 aircrafts for spraying the fields to kill locusts.

He further revealed that the building of the National Locust Control Center was a major breakthrough and had shown the seriousness of the government in the fight against the locust attacks.

At the Center, teams are deployed which are analysing weather conditions to predict possible attacks in the future.

Fakhar praised the coordination between the provinces in fighting against this national threat.

He also explained the usage of the two types of sprays being used to kill the insects while speaking at the press conference.