ISLAMABAD         -       Information Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians Dr. Nafisa Shah said yesterday that prime minister Imran Khan had left the entire nation on the mercy of Covid-19 and locust. Dr Shah said that the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf had come into power as a ‘destructive force’ in Pakistan. In a statement, she alleged that due to the failed economic policies of this PTI-led government, the country’s economy was at the edge of annihilation. She said that Shibli Faraz was trying to hide inabilities of Imran Khan by criticising Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. She expressed concerns over decisions of the federal government. She said that according to reports testing for Covid-19 was not up to the mark and measures were not being taken for controlling Covid-19. “The locust is playing havoc with growers all over the country. The selected government is in confusion as usual on locust issue,” she added. Anisa Shah said there was different statement of ministers about lockdown. Dr Shah asked the government to stop playing with the lives of the people of Pakistan.

“This incompetent and failed government is trying to blame the people for the spread of pandemic. The shops are closed for three days in Punjab and if this is not lockdown then what the lockdown is, she asked. The measure which is right for Punjab, how can it be wrong for Sindh,” she said.