Rahimyar Khan              -          A new milestone in the history of the country as for the first time since the independence of Pakistan a dam will be establish in South Punjab in Rahimyar Khan neighbouring Distt Rajan pur on River Indus covering an area of 1,20,000 acres.

As per sources WAPDA has awarded a financial consultancy contract of Rs. 156.226 million to Nespak for the construction of a dam in South Punjab.

According to details, the Central Working Development Party (CDWP) in its important meeting on February 12, 2018, approved to construct  “Murunj” dam at Kaha Nullah, 116 km west of Rajanpur district adjacent to Rahimyar Khan.

PCI had approved the construction of the dam, for which WAPDA on Friday awarded a contract to a joint venture headed by Nespak for feasibility study of the dam, thorough research of engineering design and preparation of tender documents.

According to sources, the Murung Dam, which will cover 120,000 acres, will have a height of 107 feet while it will have a storage capacity of 0.80 million acres of water and will also generate 12 megawatts of electricity.

According to experts, the construction of this dam will lead to a real green revolution in South Punjab by storing more water coming into the Indus River during rains and floods while also improving the availability of electricity to the surrounding areas.