The victims of last years Super Flood were issued the famous Watan Card Pakistan so as to provide them with financial assistance. The cardholders received Rs. 20,000 in the first installment. This financial assistance, though peanuts, was very beneficial for these penniless disaster victims. The ill-fated disaster victims were lucky enough in the Punjab and in the KPK provinces to receive the second installment of Watan Card Pakistan Rs. 8,0000 out of promised rupees one lakh. Since Sindh province has remained historically neglected in the federation of Pakistan, hence, in this financial assistance too it has been neglected. So far the Super Flood victims in Sindh provinces have not been provided the second installment of Rs. 80000/ Many of them have also not received the first one as per reports from the flood hit-areas of the province. This discrimination and duplicity is, indeed, beyond ones comprehension. Like this years rain and flood victims, the victims of the last year need financial support for their livelihood. They need both, the Watan Card Pakistan and Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). In many areas, the BISP has also not been delivered to the people. Even in my home district Larkano it has also not been distributed on merit. There have been reports of massive corruption as well. Similar is the case with various sectors of Federal Capital, Islamabad, in particular, the G sectors where BISP money for the widows is being used by the postmen and the deserving widows are deprived of it. It is reported that many postmen mark fake signatures pocket the money. In this sordid state of affairs where the deserving people are being deprived of their financial assistance in terms of Watan Card Pakistan and BISP, the President of Pakistan is appealed to direct the authorities concerned to take practical and pragmatic steps so that the needy and deserving people get their share. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, November29.