ISLAMABAD - Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra), in a bid to curb the ever burgeoning gas losses causing billions to the over burdened consumers, has finally resolved revolutionary measures by keeping gas theft related matter at bay in future. Sources privy to the development have informed TheNation that Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain in a meeting held in the premises of Petroleum Ministry on November 18, 2011 categorically advised that after the approval of Gas Act from the Parliament, no injunction/ stay shall be granted by Oil and Gas Regularity Authority (Ogra), in all such cases where the gas meters / connections are disconnected/ to be disconnected by gas utilities, as this practice was not only helping in gas theft but was also creating other malpractices. However, available letter of the office order No.OGRA-9 (134)/2011 of Ogra issued on November 25 with a subject Policy Instructions of the Federal Government on Entertainment of Complaints against gas theft cases has further cemented this impression that burgeoning gas theft had so far haunted the nation and mocked at the woes of gas consumers as this irregularity was because of the connivance between Ogra and influential gas mafia which had rubbed salt so far by inflicting billion of rupees on the basis of alarming gas theft from the hard pressed gas consumers of the country. It was, therefore, decided that in order to curb this practice, OGRA should not process/ entertain any further complaints on the subject matter and shall amend/ revise its procedure immediately, if required, to implement the policy decision aimed at curbing the menace of gas theft, Ogras office order reads. Office order issued by the Ogras Chairman Secretariat further says that the concerned departments should immediately initiate necessary action to implement the aforesaid policy instructions. Sabir Hussain Acting Chairman Ogar when contacted to get his opinion, said that currently escalating gas losses are touching 13-14 percent resultantly gas consumers are paying hefty amount of Rs 20 billion in this regard so everyone should join hands with us to curb this menace causing extra burden on gas consumers already bearing skyrocketing gas prices and low pressure. He, however, acknowledged that influential mafia has so far badly played with the consumers in their desperate bid to maximise benefits with the support of Ogra. After approval of Gas Act, time has come to curb this menace causing losses worth in billions to the poor nation by supporting and joining hands with those who are striving hard to end this gas theft menace, Saibr Hussain said, adding, this mafia had obtained stay order from the authority to cover the soaring menace so we should be fully supported in this regards.