The trilateral summit of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey concluded in Istanbul on a positive note with the three countries signing agreements and MoUs for cooperation in different areas and expressing willingness to join hands to build a combined partnership to ensure peace and security in the region. Though the summit went well in pinning expectations and raising hopes for the future of this area, and the upcoming December 5 Bonn conference in Germany was being considered to be a culminating event towards formulating a final strategy for the post-withdrawal Afghanistan, yet the November 26 US-NATO attack on Pakistans check post in Waziristan put at risk the peace process in the entire South Asia. Director-General ISPR Major-General Athar Abbas told AFP the air assault that claimed 24 Pakistani soldiers were not quick strikes, which could be chalked down to logistical mistakes, but attacks that lasted almost two hours. While the jets and helicopters pounded the installations, Pakistan army contacted their Nato counterparts but to no avail. Islamabad lodged a strong protest to the US, Nato and Afghanistan, and told the world that the Nato chiefs 'regret was not enough. Analysts believed that this attack can have grave consequences. The Guardian observed, it is the costliest strategic mistake the United States has made in the war in Afghanistan. Reports say the already scheduled official visits of high-level Pakistan military delegations to the US have been cancelled while Washington too has been told that its military officials are also not welcome in Pakistan, at least for now. Prime Minister Gilani said Pakistan would reassess its arrangements with Nato and ISAF, and its relationship with the US can only continue with mutual respect and mutual interest. However, those who plead for adopting a pragmatic approach, opine that our national stakes in the situation as it tends to evolve are so critical that the recent DCC decisions, are essentially symbolic in nature and may not seriously impact the emerging Afghan endgame scenario. While the government swung into action on the diplomatic front, in private it was hinting that the incident did not spell the end of Pak-US relations as has been predicted in the aftermath of the Nato attacks. However, it is clear that the Istanbul initiative would not work in its true letter and spirit. F Z KHAN, Islamabad, November29.