Adeela Naureen With explosion of the memogate scandal, Pakistans political and military leadership is confronting a new challenge, which is to steer the country out of this crisis without harming our national interest. There is a talk of meltdown of relationship between Pakistans military and political hierarchy, with scenarios of an army takeover abound on the electronic and print media. Our foreign friends and foes are giving twists and turns to the Haqqani saga in order to develop a perception that Pakistans leadership is divided on sensitive issues related to the States security. The current winter season in Pakistan has already become ripe for controversies and rallies, thus creating an environment of imbalance in the political system and the addition of memogate scandal in the charged atmosphere has acted like more fuel for more fire. The Pakistani and foreign media craving for breaking news and scandals have gone overboard to further ignite the situation, not realising (or may be realising) that the Haqqani saga has the potential to be critically divisive in these turbulent times. The fog of mistrust being created by the media can lead to blurred vision, resulting in hasty decision making at the national level, thus harming our national interest. I will not become judgmental here and endorse of what was right and what was wrong. However, if Mansoor Ijaz has some proofs than let these be presented in an inquiry board in Pakistan and the outcome may decide on whatever action is required. In any case, my advice for the senior leadership will be to play it cool, gentlemen. This could be a crucial time in our history where a united stance by our political and military leadership could help us come out of this crisis in one piece, mind you, 2012 has been projected by many in the West to be a time of drastic changes at global level, where Pakistan is supposed to come out strong after years of this godforsaken long war. We have done many deals and played many games, let us get Pakistan out of these unfortunate crises with honesty and by keeping its interest supreme over all petty and selfish motives and interests. Above all, have trust in the Allah Almighty and not Uncle Sam in solving our real and perceived problems; no one came to rescue Ben Ali of Tunis, Mubarak of Egypt and Shah of Iran and no one will come to save your skin, when the chips are down. The writer is a freelance columnist and working in the phenomenon of Musharrafization of the Pakistani society, as well as psychological effects of the long war in the AfPak region. Email: