OUR STAFF REPORTER NANKANA SAHIB - Government employees including police officials as well as civilians are reportedly using blue flashing lights and green number plates on their private vehicles here. Federal and Punjab government employees move in their private vehicles equipped with such lights and officials number plates to avoid police check posts and toll plaza taxes in defiance of the law. Furthermore, several taxi drivers are violating the same law in order to escape toll taxes and police placing plates inscribed with MNA. MPA, Press, Chairman etc. Such private vehicles are also hired by criminals for their unlawful and illegal activities. Neither federal, nor provincial departments are taking steps to against the law violation. TheNation has learnt that some influential persons and landlords are using number plates mentioning their own cast like Rai 1, Bhatti 1, Gujjar 1, Chaudhry 1, Chouhan 1, Rajputt 1, Jutt 1 etc along with blue lights and they are not being restrained by the authorities concerned from doing so. Therefore, the officials concerned must take effective measures to check the unlawful practice.