LAHORE - Religious and political leaders want the government to remain steadfast on halting US/NATO supplies to Afghanistan through Pakistan and do not show any laxity to the US on the matter of NATO air strike-on a Pakistani checkpost in Mohmand agency which left 24 martyred and 13 others injured. In their comments leaders of other parties minus PML-N, have appreciated the Cabinet decisions of referring the NATO attack matter to the Parliamentary Committee for National Security and boycott of the Bonn conference on Afghanistan peace. However, all are one on seeking concrete practical steps going beyond rhetoric and lip-service to prevent aggressive acts by the NATO forces from Afghanistan. And for that matter they do not want the govt showing any laxity on the decision already taken to block NATO supplies and getting Shamsi airbase vacated within the stipulated 15 days time. PML-N leader and senior adviser to the Chief Minister Punjab, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa stated that govt should remain firm on getting the Shamsi airbase vacated and keeping the NATO forces without supplies from the land route to Afghanistan. However, he was not in favour of referring the NATO issue to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security stating that under the Zardari government, the Parliamentary Committees had lost their worth and for that reason Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan resigned as Chairman Public Account Committee (PAC). He said the Treasury members being in majority were bulldozing its decisions and sending this vital issue of NATO attack to the Parliamentary Committee simply means toning down the issue to ultimately brush it under the carpet. He also questioned the investigational jurisdiction of the committee and said how the Committee would reach out to the responsible persons in the NATO forces. As to Pakistans boycott of Bonn conference on Afghanistan peace, he said that the American allies and its supporters hold majority at that forum as such absence of Pakistan would not make much of a difference. He said practical steps against US and NATO should be the bottom-line of the govt policy on the issue as the US has always stabbed Pakistan in the back posing itself a friend. He stressed on maintaining restriction on supplies through Pakistan and resolute stand on Shamsi base vacation. Former Ameer Jamaat-i-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad has advocated for implementing the already passed resolutions by the Parliament and that the Parliament should revisit its ties with America given the situation US-led NATO forces have declared war on Pakistan by attacking our check-post. Qazi Hussain said a harsh attitude must also be adopted on the US drone attacks and also that NATO supplies should be stopped for good. He said the nation will not accept and resist if the government tried to weaken the issue by means of Parliamentary Committee. According to Qazi, Bonn conference wants to firm up American foothold in Afghanistan and the region instead of looking for peace. Peace in Afghanistan would come only when US would be out of that country and the region as the restive situation is due to its presence, he added. Qazi Hussain Ahmad called for cementing ties with China and Iran, adding, pipeline accord with Iran would not only be an good answer to US but would also go a long way to meet our energy needs. He said Pakistan leadership lacked that spirit to renounce dependence on America notwithstanding the fact we can live with honour without military and civil aid of the US. He said it was the best time Pakistan should come out of the American war. Secretary Information PML-Q, Kamal Ali Agha has commended the Cabinet decisions and says the govt has endorsed the supremacy of the Parliament and expressed confidence in it by referring the matter to its committee. He said the joint session of the Parliament will consider recommendations of the committee which again is a positive step towards reflecting a united voice of the whole nation. He said the Parliamentary Committees enjoy vast powers and have sorted out many difficult issues in the past. He said that the government refusal to the UAE request for giving it more time to vacate Shamsi airbase ( which is practically in use of the US forces and for the vacation of which 15 days deadline was set on Sunday), amply demonstrates the govts firmness on the demand and the timeframe and hoped, the NATO supplies to Afghanistan would be stopped permanently. He said Pakistans absence in Bonn moot would make a big difference as US, its allies and the world knows well that no peace in Afghanistan is possible without participation of Pakistan. Head of Sunni Tehrik, Sahibzada Fazle Karim said that sending the attack issue to the MP committee is a good move, however, he called for associating national agencies in the probe investigations. He strongly demanded vacating of the Shamsi Base and criticised the UAE govt which sought more time to vacate the base and said, the act of the UAE govt amounts to interfering in the internal affairs of Pakistan.