LAHORE Jamaat-ud-Dawah student wing staged a demonstration in front of Lahore Press Club on Tuesday to condemn Nato attack on Pakistan Army checkpost and later took out a rally up to Nasir Bagh where charged activists chanted slogans against the Pakistan government and the US and demanded waging a jihad against the American forces inside Pakistan to drive them out. Leaders of JD and other religious parties addressing the participants of the demonstration demanded permanently cutting off Nato supplies from Pakistan, dissociating from US war on terror and expelling all US military and other personnel from Pak soil besides closing down US embassy and consulates. The leaders who addressed participants included JD foreign affairs head Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki, Tehrik Hurmat Rasool convenor Maulana Ameer Hamza, Tehrik Azadi Jammu Kashmir chief Hafiz Saifullah Mansoor, Tehrik Faizan-e-Aulia chief Pir Akhtar Rasool Qadri, Maulana Naeem Badshah, JI Lahore leader Amirul Azeem, Abdullah Gull, JUP leader Bashir Nizami, Haris Dar, Ziaul Hasan Shah, Sh Mazhar Shafi, Maulana Hansain Siddiqi, Hafiz Khalid Waleed, Muzammil Iqbal, Idris Farooqi, Engr Osama, Rizwan Mahmood and others. They demanded that the political and military leadership for taking revenge from US according to Quranic injuction of Qisas. They further demanded that US should fight her so-called war on terror on her own, while all the agreements with them should be revoked at once and asked the rulers and military commanders not to show cowardice on this critical juncture. They also demanded shooting down the US drones besides closing down all US bases in and covert CIA stations in country. Later, the participants marched in shape of a rally via Abbot Road, Lakshmi Chowk, Nila Gumbad and Lower Mall up to Naisr Bagh raising anti-US and anti-India slogans. Meanwhile, PTI Women Wing of the Punjab held a protest demonstration in front of the US Consulate in the provincial capital on Tuesday against the Nato strike inside Pakistan, martyring Pak-Army soldiers. PTI (women wing) president Punjab, Saloni Bokhari led the demonstration, while leaders including Talath Naqvi, Aneela Malik, Dr Nousheen Hamid Miraj, Shahnaz Perveen, Sadia Sohail, Ayesha Khalid, Yasmine Khan, Dr Seemi Bokhari, Neelam Ashraf and Sarwat Salim were also present on this occasion along with dozens of activists.