LAHORE The All Pakistan Cable Operators Association Tuesday announced to block all foreign news channels airing anti-Pakistan contents and spreading negative propaganda against Pakistan Army. Addressing to a press conference here at Lahore Press Club, the cable operators representatives said that BBC World would be blocked from today as it was airing anti-Pakistan stuff and propagating against Pakistan Army. They said if other channels did not stop propaganda against Pakistan, they would cease their transmission also. While taking on the occasion along with Malik Furqan, Imran Nadeem, Imran Abedi, Akhlaq Ahmed, Nasir Shahid Lodhi, Chaudhry Javed and others, APCOA President Khalid Arain demanded of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority to cancel the landing rights of any foreign news channel that was airing anti-Pakistan propaganda. He said they wanted to give a message to the international channels that if they did not stop propaganda against Pakistan, they would be forced to stop their transmission. He also urged the local media to counter the ongoing negative propaganda by foreign news channels. He said cable operators were standing by the entire nation in this critical time.