Interior Minister Rehman Malik has yet again stated that he knows a third force is involved in the Karachi unrest with the intent to destabilise Pakistan. Hundreds have been slain mercilessly in the city during the past few months alone not to mention the toll from other parts of the country and yet he is reluctant to mention the name of the 'third force even though he admitted that he has evidence. Keeping in view the blood that is being spilled on the streets, it is outrageous that he is keeping their identity secret. Whatever the third force being the Interior Minister it is his duty to name it and also take on it bravely. What could be the reason for not exposing this force? Does he fear retaliation for exposing them? If so then of what good is the impeccable security arrangements he is enjoying? His job is no doubt dangerous for which he has been given foolproof security. People expect him to dispense his duties with dedication and name the enemies of Pakistan that are busy in fomenting violence. He should not hesitate whether it is US, Israel or India or any other force for that matter that is involved. Since has evidence, he should straightforwardly name the third force and immediately control the violence it is perpetuating by beefing up intelligence and general security arrangements countrywide. Their agents, whoever they are whether in the garb of secret agencies operatives or diplomats as Raymond Davis feigned, they must be apprehended and repatriated at once. Reports for instance suggest that CIA agents have swung into action to flare up sectarian violence in Pakistan through target killings and suicide blasts during the ongoing month of Muharram. It is deplorable that Interior Minister of the PPP government that owes its fourth stint in power to the people does not have the courage to name the force slaughtering innocent Pakistanis daily. While terror spreads on our streets and with the government top functionaries watching passively in the safety of their palatial bunkers and bullet proof cars, a perception has germinated in a section of public that the rulers lack the guts to expose the force. A crackdown on the elements concerned whether they are in Balochistan, Karachi, or anywhere else must be launched.