LAHORE The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, which according to its supporters is becoming home to traditional political figures of the country, is about to welcome soon many more old faces from South Punjab, TheNation has learnt. Many of the PTI founding members and supporters, who want a change through fresh blood, are of the view that the 'circle of few around Imran Khan has almost converted the party into a 'circus of old players, leaving behind the spirit of change through untested new leaders. Sources in the PTI privy to the information regarding inclusion of more old faces into the party ranks have revealed to this correspondent that former speaker national assembly and PML-Q leader Chaudhary Ameer Hussain, Malik Niaz Jhakkar, PML-Q leader from Layyah and Shaukat Lalika, and PPP leader from Bahawalnagar would be among the new entrants. They further revealed that party leadership is in contact with Khawajas of Taunsa, Dera Ghazi Khan, while talks were also on with former Punjab Assembly speaker Afzal Sahi and ex-Sheikupura nazim Mian Jalil Sharqpuri and indicated at the strong possibilities of their inclusion in PTI in the near future. When asked about the possibilities of joining of the party by the Legharis of Dera Ghazi Khan, and a group of Jehangir Tareen camp and few from the PML-Q (Like-Minded Group), they claimed that the Legahris of late Sardar Farooq Khan Legharis family were weighing their options, while Shah Mehmood Qureshi was expected to bring some members of the Tareen group into the PTI, adding that Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri desires to forge an alliance with the PTI along with members of his camp in the Like-Minded. Sources quoting senior party leaders as saying that they attaching high importance to Shah Mehmood Qureshis inclusion with the hope that the former foreign minister would succeed in bringing the major political figures belonging to South Punjab in the party in the days to come through a good bargain. They added that the same party leaders as saying that Malik Niaz Jhakkar and Shaukat Lalika, who would be joining the party, could also be stated as impact of the Qureshis inclusion in the PTI. However, close circles of the foreign minister claimed that Malik Niaz Jhakkar and Shaukat Lalika would join the PTI in the result of the efforts of Mr Qureshi, as Jhakkar was also a former PPP leader, while Lalika was still in the PPP. They further claimed that former state minister, Zafar Iqbal Warraichs inclusion was also the part Qureshis efforts. Qureshis close associates maintained that the former foreign minister would select his own team in the party after he would be named vice chairman of the PTI and many of his team members would be the old political faces, expected to join the party soon belonging to South Punjab. When contacted, Omar Sarfaraz Cheema, central spokesman of the PTI, neither denied nor confirmed this information. However, he claimed that any newcomer would be expelled from the party if they could not qualify the criteria set by the partys senior leadership relating to declaration of assets and a clean record.