DADU  - The military authorities have taken into custody the heavy pieces of engine and other metallic material, considered to be of a spy satellite or a missile in Kachho and surrounding areas of Johi. The people got panicked as it crashed on land with a big bang rocking the area. “We saw flames with big blasts in the sky before it crashed rocking the entire district,” eyewitnesses told reporters.The police had rushed to the area to locate the exact place and later handed over the matter to the Army. It is said that the engine and other material weighed around 187 kilograms. An Army team headed by Commanding Officer Hyderabad Colonel Mushtaq and Colonel Amjad arrived in Dadu on Thursday and started investigation after taking two pieces of the aero-device into custody. The main part of the device weighed 180kg and the other one was of 7kg.SSP Dadu Muhammad Usman Ghani confirmed that the Army has now taken over the investigation of the crash. The villagers, who are eyewitness to the crash, said they saw a heavy metallic thing fully covered with wires. Some reports from Abu Bakar Brohi and Abdul Nabi Brohi villages of Balochistan area of Guru mountain, which is very near to Sindh border, suggest that two explosions were also heard there and it is likely that pieces of that device had also fallen there. The military authorities didn’t allow media persons to see the wreckage, which the local people suspect of a spy satellite. Some photojournalists, however, managed to snap it before handing it over to the Army.