During Haj this year I was deeply struck by the display of jewelers in shops with thousands of pilgrims walking by. There were neither locks nor guards there. Unlike Pakistan were people having guards standing outside the shops armed to the hilt, and yet there are uncountable incidents of burglary.

Madina can truly be described as the a model city of peace on the globe which needs to be taken note of by the Western world where massive looting took place in New York during a power breakdown some years ago. I wish the western media was allowed to make a documentary of the city of peace but the Western journalists are not allowed to enter Madina and Mecca.

Our Pakistani journalists could do an important undertaking to make a documentary of Madina city which can be shown throughout the world to show the peaceful face of Islam. I wonder why no Pakistani news channel has thought of making a documentary on the above subject while they recorded daily burglaries in shops and banks in the country. The main thing is that the Saudi Arabi is following the Sharia law, in which a thief is punished by having his hand chopped off, but in Pakistan we are still following the British law in which we just give the thief a smack on the fingers and let him loose to go plunder the city again. Our government needs to put together heads together and come up with laws that can protect human life and property.


Lahore, November 01.