The whole nation has unjustifiably become more prejudiced against politicians than autocrats, bureaucrats, industrialists, hoarders and profiteers, as well as judiciary and media. The politicians appear to have been more sinned against than sinning. For instance, one Waheeda Shah from Sindh, during the course of by-election in her constituency assaulted a polling officer on duty. The Supreme Court took suo-moto notice and punished Waheeda Shah for taking the law into her own hand and causing obstruction in the election process.

Another incident of more serious nature occurred at Lahore, when a lawyer quarreled and misbehaved with a judge for not obliging him. Other lawyers, at his behest, resorted to protests and announced boycott of the court till the judge was transferred, but Lahore High Court Bar Association intervened and the matter was resolved. Previous to this legal community wrangled and locked some lower court judges in Lahore, Faisalabad, and Sargodha, but the superior judiciary overlooked these events. It appears to have some soft corner for lawyers (or fear of) because of services rendered by them for restoration of judges in 2007. The judiciary being the final arbiter of constitution ought to be neutral in dealing with politicians, lawyers, and others who matter in the scheme of things.


Islamabad, November 26.