LAHORE – A bailiff is blamed on Thursday for forcing a widow out of her home by throwing out the households in Old Anarkali police precincts. Officials believed that the bailiff mistakenly forced into the widow’s house and sealed off a portion of her residence without any prior notice.

The victim family said that the bailiff illegally sealed off the portion of their residence after accepting bribe from the land grabber, later identified as Tahir.

The land-grabber distributed cash among the court-bailiff including court and police officials in the presence of local residents after accomplishing the mission.

The court and police official however, managed to escape from the scene soon after the media crews arrived at the spot foe coverage. The victim family also alerted the local police but the bailiff fled away.

Resident of (42-A) main bazaar old Anarkali, Hamid Riaz told reporters that eight men including four court officials and three police appeared outside their house on Thursday. They stormed into his house, threw out the households, and ransacked the furniture.

As the residents offered resistance against the illegal occupation, the bailiff showed them a court order. According to the court-warrant dated November 27, and issued from the office of Special Judge Rent Controller Lahore, Malik Shahid Hussain Awan, the bailiff had been ordered to vacate the upper portion of the house (42/B) old Anarkali.  A few days ago, the court and police officials got vacated the portion of 42-B as per court directions and forced out the renters.

On Thursday, the court-bailiff again appeared there and asked the owners of the adjacent house (42-A) to immediately vacate the residence. The poor family offered resistance and asked the officials as to why they were trying to occupy their house. The court-bailiff showed them a warrant paper related to the other portion (42/B). “Despite appeals and hue and cry, the court-bailiff forced us out from our house,” Yasir Anees, brother of the widow told The Nation.

He said that the court-bailiff after getting vacated the other portion of the house was trying to occupy the adjacent portion and its ground floor. The family who has been residing in the three-storey old building for the last many decades insists that they had no property dispute with any body.

“We don’t have dispute with any body. No case related to our property is filed anywhere by us or against us. Then why the court-bailiff forced us out from our house even without shoring any warrant or telling any solid reason,” another victim Muhammad Usman said. The bailiff sealed off the portion of the house by fixing wooden blocks at the main gate, leaving the victim family with no other option but to stay under the open sky amid chilly weather.

The local residents and shopkeepers staged a protest demonstration against the court bailiff. As the media persons arrived for coverage of the protests, the so-called bailiff had escaped. “They (bailiff) asked us to come to the police station. When we reached the police station (Old Anarkali), none of the bailiff was present there,” Usman added.

The local police said that they had no idea about the so-called court-bailiff since they were not informed about any action. The victim family has appealed to the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court (LHC) to take notice of the brutal action and provide them justice.