LAHORE - In an attempt to put pressure on the government to increase the CNG price, majority of the gas outlets remained closed in the City on Thursday, which caused massive nuisance for commuters.

The reports about the closure of the fillings stations are the same from the other cities of the country as well.

In Lahore, CNG stations were supposed to reopen on Thursday after three days of closure under the SNGPL’s gas load management plan. However, the majority of the owners did not open their filling stations amid the stalemate between the CNG association and the Ogra on pricing formula.

A source said Ogra devise a new formula of CNG price on Thursday and sent it to the Supreme Court for approval. 

A large number of commuters faced severe problems in travelling. Long queues had been witnessed at the few CNG stations opened on Thursday, while operational CNG stations complained about a low gas pressure.

All Pakistan CNG Association Punjab Chairman Captain (r) Shuja Anwar said station owners could not sell gas at the current price because they were doing business and no businessman wanted to sell its product on loss.

He said those CNG stations were opened who were ready to bear loss or they were unable to face the pressure of the government. He claimed that Ogra had shifted the entire burden on station owners, which was sheer injustice.  

Shuja alleged that government wanted to destroy the CNG business only to benefit the ‘mafia’ of industrialists who wanted gas on cheap rates. On the other hand, the consumers complained that if the government was unable to implement the decision of the apex court, it should accept the demands of the CNG Association and increase the price but make sure the availability of gas in four days of a week.