KARACHI  - The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) on Thursday unanimously elected the following office-bearers for year 2012-13: Jamil Athar Qazi (President); Shaheen Qureshi (Senior Vice-President); Aamer Mahmood (Secretary General); Ghulam Ali Chandio (Joint Secretary); Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi (Finance Secretary); Rehmat Ali Razi (Vice-President-Punjab); Dr. Waqar Yousaf Azeemi (Vice-President-Sindh); Ijaz-ul-Haq (Vice-President-Islamabad); Tahir Farooq (Vice-President-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Waseem Ahmad (Vice-President-Balochistan).Earlier, the following were unanimously elected members of the Standing Committee: From Karachi, Shaheen Qureshi (Daily Jang); Anwer Farooq (Daily Aghaz); Arif Nizami (Pakistan Today-Karachi); Dr. Jabbar Khatak (Daily Awami Awaz);  Hamid Hussain Abidi (Daily Aman); Mukhtar Aqil (Daily Jurat-Karachi); Wamiq Aziz Zuberi (Daily Business Recorder-Lahore); Rameeza Majid Nizami (Daily Nawa-i-Waqt); Zia Shahid (Daily Khabrain); Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami (Daily Pakistan); Khushnood Ali Khan (Daily Sahafat) and Mohsin Naqvi (Daily City-42). From Islamabad, Mehtab Khan Abbasi (Daily Ausaf); Ijaz-ul-Haq (Daily Express). From Balochistan, Waseem Ahmad (Daily Awam-Quetta); Syed Faseih Iqbal (Daily Balochistan Times-Quetta). From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pir Safaid Shah Hamdard (Daily Wahdat); Tahir Farooq (Daily Ittehad). From Sindh excluding Karachi Javed Mehr Shamsi (Kaleem-Sukkur); Qazi Asad Abid (Ibrat-Hyderabad), From Punjab excluding Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad Jamil Athar Qazi (Tijarat-Sargodha); Syed Muhammad Munir Jillani (Paigham-Faisalabad); Mumtaz A. Tahir (Aftab-Multan). From daily newspapers (General) Ghulam Ali Chandio (Daily Pak-Karachi); Syed Mumtaz Ahmad Shah (Mahriq-Quetta); Rashid Rehman (Daily Times-Lahore); Saddique Baloch (Daily Balochistan Express-Quetta); Aslam Khan (Internews news agency). From Periodicals (General) Mushtaq Ahmad Qureshi (Monthly Naye Uffaq-Karachi); Aamer Mahmood (Monthly Kiran Digest-Karachi); Dr. Waqar Yousaf Azeemi (Monthly Roohani Digest); Sardar Khan Niazi (Monthly Naya Rukh-Karachi). From news and comments Punjab/ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rehmat Ali Razi (Weekly Azm-Lahore). From news and comments Sindh/Balochistan Naseer Hashmi (Weekly Takbeer-Karachi). From news and comments General Imtiaz Alam (Quarterly South Asian Journal-Islamabad). It has been resolved by the general body of the CPNE that no stone will be left unturned for making Pakistan in line with the teachings and ideas of Quaid-i-Azam. The CPNE members also resolved to protect freedom of the Press at all costs as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan and given to us by Almighty Allah. A resolution in this connection was tabled by Jamil Athar Qazi, the President-elect of CPNE which was adopted unanimously. Other resolutions passed by the meeting include demanding unearthing the culprits behind the attack on famous journalist and anchorperson, Hamid Mir. The members were of the view that, in fact, it is a conspiracy to silence and usurp freedom of the Press. While expressing serious concern over the continuous killing of newspapers workers, the participants also demanded of the federal and provincial governments to take immediate notice of the situation. They also demanded restoration of Khuzdar and Panjgour Press clubs. While condemning the murder of Saadi Butt of Gujranwala, the meeting expressed sympathy with the family of the deceased and demanded of the Gujranwala administration to award exemplary punishment to the killers. The CPNE repeated its resolve that in future any such attack will be considered an attack on the whole journalist community.The annual general body meeting of the CPNE also demanded of the Federal Government to review its centralised media policy as it has created serious financial crisis for regional and metropolitan B newspapers and periodicals. The meeting expressed its fear that if this policy is not immediately withdrawn, it will make hundreds of newspapers impossible to survive and render thousands of journalists jobless which would cause irreparable loss to the national journalism.The participants of the meeting stressed forcefully to restore its contacts with editors so that editors of newspapers could know government point of view directly on national and international issues and play its role in molding the public views. Aamer Mahmood, CPNE Secretary General in his annual report threw light on attempts to unite both the groups of the CPNE. He particularly mentioned the services in this regard of Hameed Haroon, Majid Nizami, Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, Syed Fasih Iqbal, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Zia Shahid, Jamil Athar Qazi, Ilyas Shakir, Aamer Mahmood, Syed Sarmad Ali, Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Ijaz-ul-Haq, Masood Hamid, Ghulam Nabi Chandio, Mushtaq Ahmad Qureshi, Rehmat Ali Razi, Syed Muhammad Munir Jilani, Mehtab Khan, Javed Mehr Shamsi, Dr. Waqar Yousaf Azeemi, Hamid Hussain Abidi, Anwar Farooqi, Mukhtar Aakil, Qazi Asad Abid  He also mentioned the names of other members and lauded the positive attitude of Khushnood Ali Khan. The following members addressed the meeting: Khushnood Ali Khan, Imtiaz Alam, Shaheen Qureshi, Dr. Waqar Yousaf Azeemi, Usman Saati, Mumtaz A. Tahir, Mashooque Ali Jatoi, Humayun Tariq, Waseem Ahmad, Dr. Jabbar Khattak and Sardar Khan Niazi.