KARACHI - In connection with the International Day for Persons with Intellectual Challenges, Special Children’s Educational Institute (SCEI) will organise an event on Friday (today).The event will focus on collaboration of educators, artists, athletes, celebrities, youth and media to promote Social Change.Prominent speakers will make speeches on the importance of the day. Art exhibitions and interactive stalls and Award ceremony will also be held during the event to be held at SCEI.The goal is to create acceptance for these challenged children in the society by showcasing the talents and potential of these children and support for their future development. During the event, a special presentation on the Cuddle project would also be made.The project is an initiative to collaborate with schools to conduct workshops to create understanding of developmental disabilities through live experiences. The workshops consist of a series of activities that students do while being fitted with specially designed tools that limit some of their visual, perceptual and fine motor abilities. Once students experience these difficulties they gain a better sense of what it feels like to have limitations thus creating empathy rather than sympathy. Friday event will be attended by prominent educators, artists and star sportsmen including former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi and hockey legend Islahuddin Siddiqui.