ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid MNA Shenaz Sheikh, who was disqualified for holding dual citizenship, has named three more lawmakers with dual nationality. Talking to TheNation on Thursday, she said that Pakistan People’s Party PPP MNA from NA-183, Arif Aziz Sheikh, is an Australian national by birth. She went on to add: “Sabeen Rizvi, a PML-N MNA, is a British national and still holds British passport while Donya Aziz, a PML-Q MNA, is an American citizen by birth. Both the ladies got selected on women’s seats.Earlier, addressing a press conference, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had said: “There are members of parliament who have been concealing their dual citizenship and if he is asked by the Supreme Court or the government, he could expose the names of lawmakers who have dual nationality.” The lawmakers who were disqualified for having citizenship of two countries are: Chaudhry Zahid Iqbal, MNA, Farah Naz Isfahani, MNA, Farhat Mehmood Khan, MNA, Jamil Ahmad Malik, MNA, Muhammad Akhlaq, MPA (Punjab), Dr Muhammad Ashraf Chohan, MPA (Punjab), Nadia Gabol, MPA (Sindh), Chaudhry Waseem Qadir, MPA (Punjab), Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim, MPA (Punjab), Amna Buttar, MPA (Punjab), Dr Ahmad Ali Shah, MPA (Sindh) and Begum Shehnaz, MNA.The Election Commission of Pakistan had asked all the members of National Assembly, Senate and the provincial assemblies to submit their affidavit by November 30, affirming that they do not hold dual nationality. According to ECP sources, there are 10 to 15 lawmakers who are yet to file affidavits.Arif Aziz Sheikh and Donya Aziz maintained before the ECP that they could not be disqualified for being dual national as they had not acquired the foreign nationality but are citizens of Australia and USA by birth.Amna Buttar, former MPA from Punjab, had also adopted the same stance but she was disqualified because of her false statement while filing nomination papers in which she claimed that she complied with all constitutional prerequisites.