LAHORE – Anti-narcotics Court on Thursday sentenced a drug peddler to death while another was given 5 years in prison.

As per case details, Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) had arrested Shoaib Khan on the tip of a spy and had seized 42 kilograms of hashish from his possession. During the course of investigation it was revealed that Shoaib was a hardened drug trafficker who used to smuggle hashish and other drugs from Peshawar to Lahore. After the completion of investigation ANF submitted challan in the court.

 As a result the court on Thursday sentenced Shoaib Khan to death while imposing a fine of Rs40000 on the convict.

In another case the same court sentenced five years in prison to a Mumtaz Khan.

The Anti-narcotics Force (ANF) had arrested Mumtaz and had seized three kilograms of hashish and three kilograms of opium from his possession.

Later, ANF submitted challan against the accused in the court.

As a result the court sentenced five years in prison to Mumtaz and imposed a fine of Rs5000 on the convict. In case of default in payment of fine the convict would face further jail term.