New Delhi  - Israel has upstaged the US in the ongoing race to bag the huge deal to supply third-generation Anti-Tank Guided Missiles to the India, in a project which could well be worth $1 billion eventually. Defence Ministry sources said the plan to go in for the American FGM-148 Javelin ATGMs has ‘virtually been shelved’. because of Washington’s reluctance to provide full military knowhow - licenced “Transfer of Technology (ToT)” to allow India to indigenously manufacture the “tank killers” in large numbers after an initial off-the-shelf purchase.Instead, the Army has already completed extensive trials of the Israeli ‘Spike’ ATGM, which like Javelin is also a shoulder-launched and fire-and-forget missile, under varied conditions in plains, deserts and mountains. “The staff evaluation is now in progress as the next step in the procurement process,’’ said a source.The Javelin imbroglio has once again rekindled long-held fears in the Indian defence establishment about the US not being a reliable long-term supplier of cutting-edge military technology. India also detests American conditions on “intrusive end-user inspections” of weapons sold to its Armed Forces.The US has notched up military sales worth over $8 billion to India in the last few years, including mega deals for C-130J ‘Super Hercules’, C-17 Globemaster-III and P-8I maritime patrol aircraft, but they did not involve licenced production in India.