ISLAMABAD - Overloading of public transport is going unchecked in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, posing threats to the lives of commuters specially students.

Mostly students commute on the rooftop of the buses due to lukewarm attitude of Islamabad Traffic Police, adding that despite deployment of ITP official on different roads of Islamabad, overloading and travelling of students on rooftop continued.

“We have no choice but to depend on local transport of the city, but transporters do not allow us to commute in the vans and buses so they travel to the rooftop, even we know that this is a very risky practice when we recall the recent fatal accidents on motorway and other roads.”

Zaka Ullah, an employee, said if the authorities concerned can provide quality services like starting AC buses on major routes, a lot of people using private vehicles would switch to using public transport.

This will solve a lot of other related problems.