LAHORE – The Lahore High Court on Thursday dismissed two petitions against holding by-polls in different national and provincial seats.

The petitioner’s counsel argued that constitutional term of the incumbent parliament was expiring in March 2013 and by-election could not be held if 120 days were left in the next general elections. They prayed the court implement a stay on the by-polls announced by the election commission for Dec 4.

Punjab government also opposed the announced by-elections and stated before the court that the candidates to be elected in these polls would not be a real leadership of public.

On behalf of federal government, additional deputy attorney general Abdul Hayee Gillani said that no political party wanted to contest these by-polls. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah observed that the court had no concern with the intension of political parties but wanted to decide the matter in the light of the constitution.

The judge asked Gillani to come up with legal argument if he had any. However, the counsel said he had no clear instructions from the government on the issue.

A voter of a vacant constituency through his counsel pleaded that staying the by-polls would result in depriving masses of their leadership.

After hearing all parties, the judge had reserved the verdict and announced it at 5pm.