KARACHI - Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has urged the authorities for establishment of Drug Testing Laboratories in all major cities of the country.Dr Misbahul Aziz, PIMA President, on Thursday said there was urgency to ensure that people in general and resource-less sections of the society in particular may no more fall victim to spurious drugs. He said it was equally incumbent upon both provincial and federal governments to evolve a system, and also ensure foolproof mechanism so that drug and pharmaceutical sectors do not take advantage of any loophole.

 at the cost of precious human lives.PIMA president also urged the concerned authorities to make public the findings of the enquiry that was conducted following the unfortunate incident at Pakistan Institute of Cardiology, Lahore, only a few months ago.He said strict and timely action against the perpetrators of the PIC incident could had prevented deaths of spurious cough syrup consumers that occurred again in Lahore only recently.He said it was high time that authorities may rise against their differences and address the factors behind easy availability of fake as well as poor quality medicines in the country.