ISLAMABAD - There is no short-term solution available to energy crisis in Pakistan and it can prolong to 2020 if the situation remains as it is presently thus damaging the industry across the country that already has suffered a lot.

As per a report of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, there is no even proper agreement exits between Central Power Purchase Agency and the Power Producers. Nepra has mentioned in its report that the power producers and distributors companies have failed to perform their duties effectively. Nepra has also raised the issue of line losses in its report that ultimately is badly damaging the power sector as a whole. It has also mentioned that country had an installed capacity of 23,000 megawatt but even in peak demand season power generation could not cross 14,000 megawatt.

Authority in its report has suggested to import electricity from other countries if possible and also has recommended to start new project on war basis. It has been mentioned that industry would have to suffer from more severe attack in the present circumstance and hundreds of thousand could face unemployment adding to the already millions unemployed in the country.

It is worth mentioning here that the government in various times has been taking about different steps to boost economy and to support industry. But nobody in the government is ready to work on energy issues on war basis thus making the survival of industry doubtful.

The government in its whole tenure could not decrease the line losses even to a very small extent. Sukkur region at present is on the top in line losses and electricity theft with around 38 per cent line losses. Karachi Electric Supply Company and Peshawar Electric Supply Company are also very close to the above mentioned figure. Then comes the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company with around 26 per cent line losses.

Presently, Islamabad Electric Supply Company is showing line losses in single digit that is around 9 per cent. Lahore Electric Supply Company is also suffering from 16 per cent losses. As per experts, not less than 50 per cent of line losses are actually electricity theft that is the biggest energy sector issue, the government has failed to address.