SWAT – CNG stations in Malakand division got opened Thursday after a threat letter issued by Taliban, asking the gas station owners to start selling the gas or face dire consequences. The owners not only opened their stations but selling gas on the price fixed by Ogra after the Supreme Court order.   Taliban terrorised the station owners by a letter in which they said if CNG stations were not opened, Taliban along with transporters and locals would attack them. The local administration deployed Levies personnel at various gas stations to fend off any militant attack but most of the stations were opened and, under the threat, were selling CNG on the current price.  The gas retailers told TheNation on the condition of anonymity that they were ready to sell the CNG on the priced fixed by Ogra but the CNG association was pressurising them to go on strike instead of selling the gas. They added that if they did not support the strike, they association would outcast them. Meanwhile, CNG stations remained closed in Swat on the fourth consecutive day in protest against ‘low price’ of gas, causing great deal of trouble for locals.