KARACHI  - A twenty-year-old girl lost her life to dengue hemorrhagic fever in the city, bringing the total number of these deaths to two this year, said a senior official of Sindh Dengue Surveillance Cell. Talking to APP Thursday, he said six cases of dengue haemorrhagia fever were confirmed during last two days, consequent to relevant laboratory tests, “Three of these cases pertain to Karachi, two to Hyderabad and one to Sukkur,” he said.About the young life that was lost, he said the patient was a young woman from Kharadar (Karachi), admitted to a private hospital on November 27 and passed away on November 28.In reply to a question he said another woman had lost her life to dengue hemorrhagic fever on August 31 this year.The official said 622 cases of dengue fever that also include dengue hemorrhagic fever, were registered with the cell during this year. All government and private sector hospitals are required to report dengue fever cases, attended by them to the cell managed by the provincial health department About the Thursday status, he said 16 patients of dengue fever were still admitted to different hospital in Karachi and these include 11 new cases. “Necessary investigations of these admitted cases are underway whereas other seven suspected cases bought to different OPDs.”

 were sent back after necessary assessment and relevant medication,” he said.    The official said the disease, peculiar to urban areas, could be efficiently prevented through adequate measures on part of both citizens and the government.Concerted efforts are required to bust breeding grounds for Aedes Egypti, the culprit category of mosquitoes that trigger dengue fever.