The current situation in Balochistan has worsened, most people have lost hope and many are leaving the province. The corruption instead of decreasing seems to be on the rise. There seems to be not much traffic from the province as daytime robbers have taken over the roads. Movement on highways and running of trains is now officially restricted to daylight hours only. Senior officials’ offices and residences are barricaded. The government has opted to go under a self-imposed siege.

The militants and criminals have been given complete freedom of movement and a free hand to terrorize, kill, kidnap and loot the public with no fear of any retaliation.  Most of the Balochistan remains classed as ‘B Area’ where a ragtag militia called Levies does police duties, in name only. The Chief Minister seems to have no plans to reverse the decision of classing this ‘B Area’ by the previous Raisani government back to ‘A Area’ so that a modern police could ensure law and order. The Chief Minister seems to remain the biggest hurdle in the way of establishment’s efforts to enforce writ of the government.

He keeps offering negotiations to militants and lamenting for his failure to produce the mysterious ‘missing persons’. The saga of ‘missing persons’ is being promoted by courts, the militants and the media not. The truth is that most of these ‘missing persons’ have gone missing as they have either become militants, or are in Afghanistan or have died and are being used as a reason for agitation.

After more than three months, finally the provincial government with 15 ministers and five advisors is in place. The only hope of good governance lies in a few fresh faces of young, patriotic ministers who are not tainted by accusations of corruption and crimes. The continuous problem of ethnic cleansing by killing Punjabis and Hazaras has continued without any retaliation from the government of Dr Malik. The paid insurgents and young Baloch-Brahui men, who have been thoroughly brainwashed from their school days by the enemies of Pakistan, will not become peaceful Pakistanis by mere sweet talk of the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister.  Meanwhile, the business of smuggled vehicles seems to be thriving in Quetta, Chaman and now even Loralai are full of such smuggled vehicles, openly parked in hundreds of showrooms. Baluchistan does not have the capacity to keep absorbing thousands of these vehicles so majority of them are sent to Punjab, Sind and even Swat for sale. The present government appears to be allowing more and more smuggled vehicles into Pakistan while customs’ lower staff is busy collecting bribes, confiscating some vehicles and re-selling them to the ‘showrooms’.


November 12.