Pakistan, a land of opportunities, is now turning into a land without opportunities only because of the fact that the element of self interest is overshadowing every other aspect of our lives. Today, every individual, starting from the president to a cleaner is more concerned about their own self rather than the nation as a whole. Pakistan is blessed with highly skillful human resource and other precious resources, but because our vision has become narrow, limited to personal interest we have failed to prosper as a nation.

The authorities continue to overburdening the poor with indirect tax and low income, while denying them basic rights such as proper infrastructure, clean water and food. The majority of roads in one of the world’s biggest metropolitan city are not worth travelling and majority sleep without food. Where has the vision of making Pakistan a better place gone? Has it disappeared or has selfishness over ridden common decency?

No leader no individual can bring change unless we ourselves want to! Edhi has spent all his abilities in helping the helpless and has been successful in changing lives of thousands of individuals because he knew what he wanted to achieve. Let’s use the good we have to fight the evil in our society, because I firmly believe that good in our society has not dried out completely. Today also when drivers see an old man crossing, they stop and let him pass, when a female’ car breaks down, people stop to offer help. Let’s continue what we, the Pakistanis, are good at and known globally for, helping each other without a reason. Economic times are bad, no doubt, but they will change when we ourselves change.


Lahore, November 27.