a difference of opinion

A:     Black is too dark.

S:     White is too bright.

A:     Black absorbs too much heat; terrible for winter.

S:     White doesn’t absorb any heat; horrible for summer.

A:     One tiny white dot, and your perfect black shirt is ruined.

S:     One tiny black dot, and your perfect white shirt is ruined.

A:     Black makes you appear thin. Is that why you prefer it? Because you’re fat?

S:     White makes you appear fat. Is that why you favour it? Because you’re skinny?

A:     Black is intense.

S:     White is boring.

A:     Black is stubborn, sort of lifeless; closed off to every colour, never really changes.

S:     White is weak, almost defenseless; vulnerable to every other colour, always changes.

A:     Black represents suffocating darkness. No matter how good your eyesight is, can’t see in darkness, can you?

S:     White represents blinding light. Can’t see if it’s too bright either can you now?

A:     Your eyes adjust to brightness.

S:     As they do to darkness.

A:     Fine! I can’t do this forever and this is taking forever. I’ll take that grey shirt, thank you. Yes, the light grey one.

S:     I think you should go for the dark grey one.

A:     You cannot be serious.

S:     I just think it’s better.

A:     You know what? Forget it! I don’t even like grey.

S:     Honestly, I’m not a huge fan either.

A:     I think that grey was originally white. Some elements within white conspired against it, and let black infiltrate, which turned white grey.

S:     What? Are you insane? You have it all upside down. It was in fact black. Enticed by white, some of its elements deserted it, leaving behind grey. I might just hate grey more than white. Why did you bring me along for shopping?

A:     This isn’t about shopping.

S:     Yes it is. I’d tell you to get the pink shirt, but you can’t pull it off the way I can.

A:     Pink is harder for men.

S:     Especially men who function in the blinding light of white. The pure ones. The holy ones.

A:     I’d say something terribly cynical too, but without the black, I must concede the white would lose its magic.

S:     There’s no magic, Ameen. No black, no white. Just a long expanse of grey.

A:     Sure. But it’s mostly white. Whiteish-grey. Greyish-white.

S:     Oh God. We’ll take the pink shirt, thanks.